2nd time date :)

yesterday evening He voice messaged me and asked me to come to his place for night, it was awesome proposal as i wanted it so much after our 1st date which was on 10th November so after 10 days i was getting another chance, it was sweet of him.
as i was and i am still going through manic episode so the excitement was on its peak like never before.i had my dinner and then quickly got ready to leave.i took the last metro at 1236 and texted him that i will be at your stop till 0126 and asked him to come to T-bana to pick me up as usual i have forgotten the way to your home, and he was very kind and agreed.
the time of travelling was getting long or may be i was feeling like it as all i wanted is to meet him as soon as possible:)
finally i reached the stop and was thinking that should i hugg and kiss him when i meet him or not? there was a confusion inside me and during this confusion i reached exit and there he was standing so i went without thinking that how he will react and hugged him and kissed him on which he just passed a smile.there i felt like may be he might not expected this..but it was done and we walked to his place. sat down and started to have a conversation from one point the discussion was leaving for another and so on.
as i was manic so i was talking alot though most of the time i didn’t remember what we had talked a while ago:) all i remember is he said that i sound like very self centred guy:)lol and also i give the impression that i give up my soul and my self when it comes to relationship ,friendship etc. which i took as compliment.
this whole process was going on while we used to take a break in between for smoke and he was having some beer which i tried as well though i aint good with beer but it went smooth .at 0530 we felt pretty cuddly and started snuggling which ended up into nice loving making which felt awesome as usual .Gosh i like him so much as he is just perfect guy … yeh its too early and also i dont think he won’t take me as more than friend.after great love making we finally fell asleep and later woke up at 1430 and then i came to my place.
now still i have manic episode going on with terrible migraine:( but thinking of the time with him and hoping this will continue forever:)


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