Apple Iphone 6 Plus


after waiting for almost 2 months finally i received my iphone 6 plus on friday wow so excited to use it. as soon as i came home i started to unboxing it and damn its so sexy to feel in happiness was and is beyond limits .its been two days since i am using it as my regular device. and my quick review is below:
1st of all i really impressed by battery life my usage of phone leads to almost 2 days of battery life which is amazing. all i hope is this will stay like this with the passage of time.
2ndly its epic beauty no doubt but it has designed to be in a case as without case its very slippery and light weight, and i am sure if i dont use case i will drop it and will break it. though i have never used any phone case before. this is my 1st time and i am liking the apple silicon case that fits perfectly.
lastly i am so in love with iphone6 plus thank you Apple for finally going to big screen its like my dream came true……:)


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