Sudden call.

i had rough night and so much was going on due to which i fell asleep round 0630 in morning. during the afternoon at 1440 i got a call that woke me up. my god it was the guy whom i am kinda dating:) that was huge surprise to get his call though i got worried a bit as he never called me before, but soon as i pick up the call it was nice to hear his voice.
he asked me that i have promised him that i will buy him gift for his past birthday which was on 4th december. and i said yeh i remember on which he said he is stuck at his work and there are something he wants me to buy for him. i said ok go ahead , he said there are some nintendo games that are soon going to discontinue so if i can get hold of them for him. i said ok i can do that but as i have some other commitments and its sunday which means the shops will close at 1800 so i will try my best to get free on time and rush to store and buy them.
but it was unfortunate that i couldnt make it on time and the result is that i couldnt bought the games:( which made me sad. but he was nice and said its ok no worries ..
he will check it out by himself tomorrow.
it didnt work out while the good out come of this whole incident was good as i got to hear him after long time and also felt he hasn’t forgotten me and there is hope that one day he will get into me:)


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