3rd time

yesterday (saturday) at this time i was bored as usual so sent voice message to the special person i shouldn’t mention his name as he is too special for me:)luckily he replied me and we started talking here and there after some time he asked that if i want i can come to his place though is working on some music on which i said nah i dont want to disturb you, and he replied no its ok you wont.
i came up with a solution that if its ok with you i can come by later in night as its weekend so we can meet. as i was expecting a friend to return his cell phone that he has given me to repair for him. also it will take time for me to have dinner, then getting ready.
as he is too sweet and kind to me always he said ok you can come whenever you want all of sudden my depressive episode started turning into manic episode but it was fun as i had already bought liquor and i knew it will be awesome night together.
now all i was counting the time to pass and reach to him as fast as i can.anyhow i reached his place till 2310 and he guided me the way to his home as i am so bad in memorising the roads. but he was such a nice guide that i reached to his place safely:)
and then the fun began we started chatting on here and there and then after few drinks i got my strength to have a nice conversation with my sweetie. gosh the more i talk to him the more i meet him the more i like him .its hard to express these comfort and friendly feelings that i get for him when i am around him i really hope i do mean to him something. and with the passage of time he starts liking me the way i do….
as we didnt have any energy drink or coca cola so he came up with a suggestion to mix vodka with hot coffee on which i was surprised to hear as never heard nor tried it before.but as it was his suggestion how can i say no to him:) so tried it .and it tasted nice but for me it didnt work as i wasn’t getting drunk or tipsy i was getting more active may be it was because of coffee. but for him it was working great.
we stayed up till morning and then yeh we have our private fun after which we went to sleep:
today in afternoon we woke up with another private session .after which i have to come back to home and this epic time was about to end which i wish i could safe and freeze the time right there, but as they say you separate to meet again and i am sure he will be kind enough to invite me all over again soon……….:)


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