finally the wait is over

well its been almost two weeks i haven’t heard from him. though i have left him audio messages on whatsapp pretty frequently , but he didn’t reply. which increased my depression and i ended up into sever depressive episode that i haven’t experienced so far.
there were questions in my head that were bothering me like,
did he lose interest in me?
what i have done to made him upset?
why history is repeating my self?
why can’t he like me they way i like him?
and many more such questions were haunting me so much. and i was fully frustrated,upset and crying most of the time.
but this all end yesterday when he replied and told me that i haven’t done anything wrong to make him upset, it just that he has been very busy and i shouldnt worry as if he ever lost interest in me he will be very clear about it to let me know.and all of sudden after getting his reply i felt so relief and relax ūüôā crazy me.
we talked pretty much and the bad news is that he isn’t free on new year’s eve as he will be working next day of new year which means we can’t hang out together.and this is what i wasn’t expecting as i dont have anyone to give me company on new year’s eve.while i want to be spoiled,drunk and have lots of i will have to find a friend who can give me company otherwise i will end up being alone and at home:(
the good news is that we have decided to meet up on 30th december and enjoy pre new year’s eve,which would be awesome. as getting high with him and staying at his place is always dream for me and can’t ask for me than this.
now i am counting the days wish the 30th comes fast so that i can be with him in his room,in his arms and in his bed:) wow can’t express the excitement and happiness. just hope this wont end and the time will stop when we meet up:)


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