one week with Litium

one week ago on friday on my current psykatrist i visited her colleague for 2nd opinion and there he figured it out that its Bipolar depression and as so far none of the antidepressant has worked for he said there is a last option in medication before going to ECT, and that is i should try Litium and see if this will work for he put me on Litium twice a day but before starting it he asked me to take some blood tests ,which i did and then started the med along with all current anti depressant.
last night it was one week of usage which means i had to repeat the blood tests ,so dropped at laboratory and delivered the blood sample. later in afternoon my Psykatrist called me and she told me that blood concentration are normal and it means i can increase the dosage like two pills in morning and one in night..i will keep using it for another one week and then on coming friday i will have to repeat the blood tests and then she will see if i can increase the dosage or not.
but my over all experience with Lithium so far is i have been feeling 5% improvement, in my mood i would say that my mood is not slipping into dark depression its kinda staying on an average line, also my anxiety has somehow reduced which i think is an indication that in long run this combination of meds will work for me, which i really hope and wish as i dont want to go on the road of ECT…