Greatest Curse.

the greatest curse one can have is the loneliness. And who will understand better than me as i am suffering from this curse since 2008. i took my sleeping pills and went to bed few hours ago and was about to fall asleep , when my mind took me back to 2008 the time which was and still my best and worst year of my life. best as i was with my love during that year and worst because he left me at the end of 2008 without giving me any reason or telling me anything.

so by that thoughts my sleep ran away and insomnia got over me.that’s how i am blogging as i cant sleep and can’t stop thinking about that time and still the question haunts me what was the reason that he left me at least i deserved an explanation,

here i would like to say thank you to insomnia for coming and keeping me awake.since then i am living with the curse of loneliness and don’t know how long i will survive with this. as my mental sickness is getting worst day by day and this loneliness is killing me slowly……….


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