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Kasur scandal.

from last few days the whole media is talking about the scandal of Kasur village of pakistan. where there are different views and news about it like some are saying its been happening from last 5 years and the gang used to kidnap young children and then give them some drugs after which they used to have sex with them and capture the video, so that they can blackmail them later on.

some says this has happened to only 100 kids, while there are news that the total number of children who have been sexually abused are more than 250.

my stance on this is for sure this is horrible and the accused gang should be trial in open court and punished openly so that people get a lesson from this.

but as i know there isn’t any rule of law in pakistan so like most other scandals and cases this case will also be moved to corner after some time and the accused persons won’t get punishment.

my other point is that its not only happening in Kasur district , as i have been abused sexually by many person when i was young child which involved persons from my family, teachers, classmates and i have been through this horrible situation so many times,but i was helpless as i couldn’t tell to anyone because they had my videos and pictures , now since i have moved to sweden and living here from last 8 years so i am out of touch with those who have ruined my childhood. but the nightmares are still haunting me and has affected me in both mentally and pshyically . and i am suffering from terrible social phobia,ptsd, MDD and many more things.

so i can understand what those children have been going through.this thing is so wide spread that it’s happening all over the pakistan. as i belong to KPK where i know every second person is involved in child abuse even i know of few cases where two different persons have fought for one so called good looking guy, people have killed each other on the basis of who will have this handsome guy and who will have sex with him 1st.

i think the only solution to this is to capture the culprits and punish them openly this will bring a fear and may be people will learn some lesson.other huge issue in this regard is as Pakistan is islamic and developing country there isn’t any education about sex and people have no awareness about it. the society has been brain washed that they don’t want to talk about Homosexuality . as there are many persons who are basically homosexual and there are huge numbers of female who are lesbian.

as the society member they are not allowed to be gay so many people who can’t control their lust they turn on this wrong path where they start abusing children and other people. i think if you open up the debate of homosexuality and let people live openly as gay or lesbian than you can remove this sexual abuse issue from the country.

but this is only my view as i know it will take 200 years to educated the society and make them so open minded that they accept homosexuality as natural phenomena not as a sin. we are too far away we need a lot of work to do in over to educate every single person and change the mentality. as i know its hard to do i can’t even post this blog on my Facebook or in pakistan because people will start cursing me and turn abusive on internet . so i can only hope time will change soon inshallah and we will not have such sinful acts in our society.