Magic or Supernatural Stuff.

yesterday i was talking to a friend back in pakistan and told him that i am going through the roughest phase of my life, during discussion he told me that have i checked any expert of magic and spell binding person . As he was having such issue and then he find this person who is very expert and after talking to him he is doing fine.

i told him i do believe in supernatrual stuff but still after all its only Allah who does everything ,but as a drowning person needs even a straw to hold i got the number from him.and today i called that person and told him about my situation.

he after some time told me that there isnt any magic but yeh there are a non musilm supernatural (JIN) affect on me who is blocking my luck. he gave me something to read (WAZIFA) and also to give (SADQA) for 7 consective weeks, he was sure that by the end of this year i will get to see positive affects inshallah. and my luck will turn into good one.

since then i am thinking if he is right or wrong but still i will give it a try and may be Allah will help me out and this will be the way out of my miseries and i will get a stable life,as from last 2 years my sickness as gotten worst and also my financial situations have gone worst as well.

from yesterday i have slipped again into severe depression while my new medicines are supposed to keep me in balance but i think it will take time to kick in or few weeks , so far i have burnt my hand few times and all i can smell is blood and want to bleed my self.

just keeping my fingers crossed that i wont do something stupid and time will change soon inshallah.


After being silent for one month today I decided to write why were i in silent phase and where have i be?Well the answer is i was struggling with severe bipolar disorder and depression as a consequence of break up with the guy whom I was dating for few months.on 15th August he texted me that he doesn’t want to meet me anymore as he has no feelings for me and also I have so many issues that he can’t take them anymore.

That just broke my heart as i loved him with all my heart and I thought he understands me,but you can’t get what you want or love same is the case for me.

I loved him with core of my heart and still I want him in my life though I know that he can’t be mine and he has ended everything.but you can’t force your heart to stop loving someone.

So that’s why I was absent from blogging,I haven’t recoverd from the breakup as it still haunts me and as said you can’t forget your love easily.but i m coping with it and hopefully I will recover as so far all I want is to keep hurting for self which I am still doing I have lost my sleep my hunger and all the activities and interest but todsy I am feeling someone relax may be with my new medicine that I just got.

So now I will try to be regular on blogs and may be come out with some good thoughts and share some positive stuff…