love is still alive

its been 7 years since you have left me .today after many years i looked at the moon and it has no answers as usual. it was the witness of ur remember last time when we met and head was in ur arms you told me this moon is the witness of our love.

whenever i miss you i should look at it and you will feel me around you and you i did for some long time ,but it never happened , the moon has no face or existence of urs. u promised by saying i swear to the moon that we will meet soon and we will be together.

but now its been ages neither you came nor you fullfilled ur promise while i am still stuck in that last moment and last kiss of yours. why have you done this to me?

i am still stuck in that time so please proof me wrong and come back to my life i will wont ask any questions i want to love you as much as i used to do, i worship you like a never been.please xaar i am very alone and empty without you.lo


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