Chaos in Islamabad.

people of specific sect are protesting from yesterday in #Islamabad and so far given two points agenda to government first they want the govt insures to implement sharia law (which is not so bad demand ,though it wont happen ) while their 2nd demand is to declare the murderer Mumtaz Qadri as Shahed (martyr) i have seen these ppl bowing down to his grave and are declaring that he is shaheed and Prophet Muhammad pbuh is happy from him.
my question is do they have any certificates or written documents from Prophet Muhammad pbuh to support their declarations? if they have then i will also consider him as martyr.
govt should not talk to them in fact take strong action soon as if govt accepts their demands the next day another sect will rise with their own demands.
these are not true muslims ,they and other extremists are same, there are also terrorists and should be dealt with force, otherwise the whole country will burn with this sectarian violence and then no govt authority or even #army and #CAOS wont be able to take control of the situation. #islamabadsiege #islamabad #pakistan #turmoil

Muslims and Islam

with the time i have realised that as muslims we have divided into so many different school of thoughts sects and branches that we have forgotten the basic teaching of islam which is to be a human, respect other religions love every living creature without knowing their religion, sect, sexuality or anything things that could lead to discrimination. i respect every sect with all my heart but i dont follow any specific sect or school of thought, as the more i study more division i found.islam teaches us to love humanity, live in peace and devote your self to Allah. my Allah is one my prophet is one my quran is one then why should i discriminate another muslim of the basis of sectarian.we have been brain washed and taught about different school of thoughts, due to which now we see chaos in whole muslim ummah and this is the reason that everyday hundreds of muslims are slaughtering one another for no reason.if we think with open mind and accept the basic teaching which is respecting loving every single human being unconditionally then we will stop this blood shed of innocent people in the world, otherwise we have already on the edge of destruction before its too late to safe the human kind and humanity. let’s obey Allah and his prophet in real way. #lahoreattack #stopwar #islamispeacfulreligion #spreadlove #peace #humanity #pakistan #bloodshedofinnocent #harmony