Darkness & light.

no matter how much you suppress or stay in denial , the darkness will always remain with in you, as the matter of fact either you like it or not it’s has always been part of your soul.

just the like the light and both of these were created to keep the balance and life running. yes religiously i might not be speaking correct but i have my own justifications for it and i m saying it from my experience and research.

yeh it has is debatable that the option has given to humans either to chose the darkness or light. but again from my experience i am saying once even by mistake you touched the darkness , then no matter how hard you try to come out , it will keep on consuming it till it takes over your soul completely and make your dark forever.

if i am asked where do i stand so i will say that i have been consumed so far around 75%-80% which means with every passing day   i am getting more and more darker, and the light inside me is fading.it’s just the matter of time that i lose it completely and become the darkness forever 😦


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