Ramadan & Media

every channel i switch during ramadan it feels like every actor/actress and everyone from showbiz have become religious scholars all of sudden for this holy month, and they are doing upto 14hours live ramadan transmission and then very proudly saying oh our show’s ratings are touching the sky ūüôā first of all wonder why these scholars suddenly disappear during the rest of the 11th months of the year? and if every show or channel’s ratings are touching the sky then can someone tell me which channel or show is having lowest trps?
they say right everything commercialised and is for making money.the corporate world has ruined the holiness this holy month as well as just for their business and money.while we ppl are busy in watching these shows changing the channel to watch which show has more glamour tragedy today-
while i think the true spirit of ramadan is to cut ourselves from social media,electronic media and such activities as much as we can and focus our direction in pursuing Allah more and more, and above all try to help those who are poor and in need of food and other stuff by doing more charity and staying strong in our prayers etc will truly benefit us and makes Allah more happy.i know its hard to shut it all down but if we can try we can reduce our consumption of time and other activities like tv,internet etc etc,but at least we can try genuinely to give it a try during this month.who knows this will bring us the true blessings of Allah that we all are craving for ages……

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