Islam and sects.

Asked a question privately on fb that what sect I represent my answer was i respect all sects except salafi or wahabi as for me they are following the extreme version of islam which to me isn’t right. But the guy didn’t satisfy with my answer and said no every muslim belongs to certain sects and from my posts he according to him either i am shia or barelvi.on this my answered him yes I am shia as i love Ahle bait and Moula Ali a.s and yes I am barelvi as i am ashique Rasool and also have influence somehow from deobandi school of thought a bit,but can you or any other muslim who relates or tagges with different sects and school of thoughts can tell me that which sect or school of thought did Prophet Muhammad pbuh was following I didn’t read anywhere if he was shia or sunni or from any sect he was just a complete muslim,so if I am his follower than I don’t need any label to put on.the important point is i follow him and his basic teaching was to love humanity respect every single human being without their religion,cast,culture etc and spread the love,peace and live together with harmony stay away from division and that the total essence and definition of true islam. On this he had no argument and ran away from discussion by calling me Kafir…..Haha like he said and I become Kafir what a joke as this decision will be done by Allah swt on the of judgement and if we stop judging others I am sure we can be bring back peace to this world one day inshallah….


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