intolerance and discrimination in human world

i will never understand why we as muslims are to judgemental? why one sect declares other sect as kafir? why we judge others and try to impose our believes on them? just came across of a clip of a talk show that was discussing  a pakistani porn star. she is claiming that she is practicing muslim she offers her prayers regularly but i was ashamed by reading the comments on this clip, the way every one was cursing and abusing her, some were saying she has done it to seek asylum in US, while another group were giving fatwa of killing her as according to them she is no more muslim.

i aint her lawyer and not supporting her act that’s her life she is mature enough and she knows what’s wrong or right.i respect and believe in freedom of speech though according to some scholars there isn’t any chance regarding freedom of speech but that’s another debate.

i am entitled to my views, as a muslim my question is very simple and common why we as muslim and pakistan gets so hyper that start giving fatwas on one another of being kafir or sinner?

as far as i know fatwa can be given only by the state not by every common person, if you give this right to everyone then every single person will start killing another person if he or she is not following the same sect, or practicing the religion in the a certain person is demanding.where are we going with all this? haven’t we shed a lot of blood in the name of sect, in the name of religion, culture and so and on? where its leading us? i mean look at the whole muslim world every single person wants to kill another person on small issues or if he or she doesn’t fit in his believes and school of thought.

fine lets suppose what she is doing wrong.and even i have been getting threats since i came out to one of my very 18years old best friend, and the moment i told him that i am asexual so he started lecturing me that oh you are sinner you are not muslim anymore you should ask for forgiveness and repeat towards Allah.and when i asked him lets debate and prove  that its haram in islam, how can i find it sin or sickness as i believe every is the creature of Allah and Allah never creates anyone incomplete He is the best creature.

as far as i have read islam and researched it , its very simple the whole life of prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h spent his whole life in preaching to worship Allah and love every human being beside their cultures,country, religion, sexuality , even i believe the basic teachings of islam and Allah his to love,respect and give equality to other humans unconditionally, and that’s what prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h did His whole life.

if anyone is doing sin like drinking alcohol, eating pork or doing anything bother bad or sins so my prophet muhammad p.b.u.h ask us to pray for his or her from Allah to give them the power to be on the right path, i have never read where Allah or prophet muhammad p.b.u.h has order to kill or hate , in fact he asked us to hate the person’s sin and wrong doing not the hate the person.

as we have no right to judge anyone and decide the fate for that person and give him or her the fatwa and ask to kill them.

my interpretation of islam is simple love everyone without condition, and try to live to with each other in peace ,love and give respect each if she is porn star or i am asexual you have no right to judge me or hate me, lets suppose we homosexuals or this porn star is sinner then who are we to judge and decide punishment?

this is the duty of ALLAH to decide who who is sinner and punishable and for that He has promised about the day of judgement so we all should leave His do his job and we should not take law in our hands and try to be Allah.

we are also the creatures of Allah and Allah loves every single human more than 70 mothers. plus the hades which says that hate the sin of the person if you feel certain person is doing sin but never hate that person and make pryers and ask Allah to direct towards the right path.

we are all humans and i believe if we develops tolerance and start living together by giving respect ,love and honour every single person beyond their religion, culture ,colour, country, language and sexuality  then inshallah we will be able to make this world a peaceful full of love. we have shed a lot of blood already now its time to open up of minds and start excepting other for who they are, only this way we will eliminate the terrorists from the world who is destroying not only world but brainwashing everyone and force them to spread hate towards other humans beings on the basis of sect,religion etc.

if someone is doing porn that’s her private life and if i am asexual so i will sleep in my own grave and only answerable to Allah not any other human until unless to bring any harm or disrespect  no one has the right to discriminate anything on any basis.

i know i will get a lot of hate and mostly will critic  that i am promoting western culture since i am not living in pakistan but that’s not i am as patriot and muslim as another other ,the other difference is i have respect ,tolerance which is very needed these days and i respect every one no matter who the person is.

lastly i really wish my message will convey and if one i can change on person thinking it will be my success inshallah.let us Allah give us the power to love other humans unconditionally ameen.

is not obeying religion/islam the best way we have taught from Prophet p.b.u.h is to pray for that person that Allah shows him/her the right path……….that’s what i believe islam’s basic teaching are not that we start labelling someone or criticise what they are doing, we dont know what reason and situation made her or him life this………….. if we all muslims understand this basic teaching of love,peace, harmony and equality then the world would have no place for the fundamentalist and IS or any other extremists .hope someone will try to spread this awareness as i am tired of this whole labelling abusive things that how that certain sect or school of thought is kafir and the homosexuality is abomination etc etc. let’s live together accept each other with love,equality and respect that’s how we will create peace and harmony in this world inshallah.

being homosexual in muslim world.

bed i go to bed just want to ask a question i was talking a muslim kinda scholar guy that i want to have a surrogate child and he told me that if you go for it , then it will be illicit according to religion as you will not be doing proper nikah. on which i counter question what if me and she agrees to do nikah and then go for it and after the birth of child we divorce and she gives me full custody of the child? on which he said according to majority of sects such nikah will not be consider valid if you do guys dont have proper sex and plan a baby?so anyone have any input of this either my point of view is right or not? as i have always thought and understood my religion through heart not through my mind ,and to me this way feels proper islamic , as in shia school of thought there is the concept of Mutta, and in another sect mostly that is practicing in arabic world the Misyar is also allowed which is some what same to my idea.though hanfi and sunni schools of thoughts both say Mutta and Misyar were forbidden in the era of Hazrat Omer khitab. so kindly guide me if anyone has some references or knowledge to share and support my idea……. i will be thankful .
good night all from stockholm stay bless .

Queer Muslim.

I have so much to say but will keep it simple and short as much as I can.there was a guy born in Muslim country and the society was too religious His childhood was tormenting as he faced not only sexual abuse but also verbal abuse as he was a feminine shy kinda guy. So he never told about the sexual or Verbal abuse he keep it inside his heart cursing him self, once he tried to end his life but that didn’t work as his mother came to know and she ran him to asked many times but he never told her anything ad he knew if he will tell they will kill him. As this was the custom and law to kill queer guys soon he went to university where things got worst as not only his classmates bullied him but teacher as well. There he meet a guy on Internet he was studying medicine that time after few months they met and this guy fell in love with doctor.for almost a year the kept their relationship secret one day doctor left the guy without any reason. The guy still wants his answers but he can’t reach to him later he discovered that doc has got married to a girl. This guy flew to Europe but here things were different LGBT community is all about masculine and big tools and most of the guys he interacted used to call him a terrorist Muslim. This made him more upset as in 6 years of staying in Europe and still the guy is looking for acceptance. Being so neglecting he has nothing more to rather kill himself but he never succeeded in it. He end up harming him self and seeking professional health was good but soon doctors told him he can’t not be curved as meds aint working and the keep on cutting he is bipolar with severe social phobia and insomnia though he is taking many pills but the rejection and not being accepted in the world is his question and the answer is he must end his life as neither his family and country will accept him now the county he is living in…..😢😢😢😢